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Quest for Vengeance
by: Jeanne Carmichael

His Revenge Would Be Bittersweet at Best . . .
Richard Danvers, Lord St. Symington, believed his father had been driven to his death. Danvers had returned to England determined to destroy the man he knew to be responsible. His attention became divided when he met Miss Elizabeth Fairchild, whom he found delightful in every way. Though he tried to avoid her company, it seemed they were drawn together as if by magic.

But They Were Destined to Become Driven Apart . . .
When Elizabeth learned the identity of Richard's intended victim. She could not pledge her heart to the man determined to destroy all that she held dear . . .

Harlequin Regency Romance - # 67

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Quest for Vengeance

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Harlequin Regency Romance
Publish Date:
February 1992
Regency: Betrayal- Jealousy- or Revenge
Richard Danvers
Lord St. Symington
Elizabeth Fairchild
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