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Match Made in Heaven, A
by: Jeanne Carmichael

Destiny Run Amok . . .
Serena Trevelyan and James, Viscount Lynton, had been meant for each other from the cradle. But Jamie's mother had other, grander plans for her handsome son. When she sent Jamie to the Continent, however, she discovered there were worse things than a marriage to Serena, for Jamie fell into the clutches of a disreputable widow.

Even after Jamie's term to London, things looked bleak for Serena. Jamie arrived with his widow in tow, and it seemed that nothing less than a miracle could restore him to the girl who loved him with all her heart. And miracles never happened . . . or did they?

Harlequin Regency Romance - # 99

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Match Made in Heaven, A

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Harlequin Regency Romance
Publish Date:
June 1993
Regency: Scandal- Disgrace- flagrant Proposition
Viscount Lynton
Serena Trevelyan
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